Beneheat D6 is the bi-phasic defibrillator monitor  which comply all professional needs of the doctors in the in hospitals and clinics
     Compact, stable and ergonomic design brings proper D6 for emergency usage. Proven technologies provide stable unit in different usage areas.
     Every situation is under your control with Different modes (Manual, Sync, AED, Pacamaker)  and  monitorization.

Main Features:

  • 4 in 1 design; monitorization, manual defib ,AED and pacamaker is integrated which necessary for vital monitoring functions that can used as patient monitor under emergency. 
  • 360 Joule bi-phasic waveform defibrillation
  • 8.4" coloured graphic screen and monochrome screen for daylight operations.
  • Compact design; 
  • Easy to carry and easy to use: 4 waveform ,wide and alive images for  monitor vital functions easily,
  • Trend fuction

     Defibrillation, sync defibrillation cardioversion and bi phasic technology with AED Escalating  360 Joule dosage  to increase the defibrillation success in highest level 12 Lead ECG analysis, Oxygen Saturation (SPO2), NIBP (Non-Invasiv Blood Pressure Measurement), IBP (Invasiv Blood Pressure Measurement), End-tidal Carbondioxide (ETCO2) measurement features  
     Battery capacity function for long time monitorization and defibrillation support without external power supply.
     There is no doubt for loosing information with powerfull data keeping system
Pheis Solution, the feature of the sending real time measuring parameter values which taking from defibrillator  to central stations in hospitals and emergency services from ambulances with using 3G and WLAN
Docking Station; Be sure for continiously providing vital support  , take and go function  with easily fixed power supply unit.