DigiEye 560 is a new addition to Mindray’s family of Medical Imaging products. Incorporating digital flat-panel technology, the DigiEye 560 includes an Automatic exposure control system and is preinstalled with more than 1000 exposure conditions, suited for different examinations and specialized for children.

     The DigiEye 560 also helps you to handle the ever-increasing amount of patient data. Fully processed images can be automatically sent to the PACS/RIS/HIS network, or any other workstations, though the DICOM 3.0. Realizes the full potential of your examinations Its extraordinary flexibility makes the system ideal for examining patients in a standing, sitting or laying position, allowing you to cater for patients who are disabled or physically restricted. Embrace this compact solution to DR technology from Mindray.

     DigiEye 560 eliminates the need for ceiling support structures for X-ray tube suspension, and is able to adapt to fit within any clinical space. The most Intelligent Digital Radiography system you have ever seen. This comprehensive system helps to increase intelligent operation. Movement can be controlled in three different ways: via the touch screen located on the tube cover, the infrared remote control and the control panel on the detector and tube cover. The operator can adjust the U-arm position or the tube/detector angel to fit different diagnostic needs. Different patients, different examination, with one touch on one button!

     High quality images from a low X-ray dose Every DR system has been tested more than 100,000 times, to find the best way to get high quality images from a low X-ray dose. We invite professionals and doctors in the Medical Radiographic field to review and check our DR system, especially the imaging part. We periodically collect feedback information from our customers and use this as a basis for upgrading our system, always ensuring that our customers are benefitting from the latest technology.