With years of R&D effort in DR and a number of domestic and international patents , Mindray become one of the few real manufacturers who has capability of designing and developing integration of the whole digital radiography system worldwide.

     DigiEye-760, a ceiling suspending flat panel digital radiography system :

  • Reliable performance: With core components of DigiEye 760 at the same level as world's leading suppliers and the innovation and integration in designing, mechanical structure developing and in the post-processing image software, Mindray digital radiography ensure working compatibility of each part harmoniously which make it different from many mainly relying outsource suppliers without internal R&D capability.
  • High image level at low dose: Under the concept of patient health care, Mindray Digital radiography does not only bringing high level image products but also control the minimum exposal dose, especially for pediatric diagnostics.
  • High efficiency: DigiEye 760 is not only fully electrically controlled, but also has a tube and flat panel detector that can automatically align, greatly reducing the time doctors need to adjust the positioning, such as: flat converted from the upright to the supine position, it will automatically limit the bed height to ensure the bed and the minimum distance between the detector, to prevent any distortion of the image, and no steps needed to adjust the detector position. Furthermore, infra-red control near the tube handle also has a locking function, suspension arm positioning can instantly lock, providing safety and reliability and ergonomic controls. The long arm of flat panel detector is designed for easy positioning and switching to mobile table, no space projection is out of reach. The ergonomic workflow originated from fully study of doctor’s operation request bring the scanning into its high efficiency operation. the highest record of 400 scanning per day is the result of performance.
  • Innovative image modes: Panoramic imaging – with the combination of up to 5 images at single scanning automatically extend the view of Mindray radiography and bring less distortion on traditional images combination.