The BeneView Series of patient monitors offer a broad range of patient monitoring capabilities for all patient acuity levels and all care units.
     With powerful functionality, flexible configuration and modular design, the BeneView series gives care teams more of the information they need, at the bedside or during transport.

     Multi-Parameter Module is capable of storing up to 24-hours of data and enables data continuity  between monitors throughout a patient's stay.
     High resolution touchscreen and user-defined layout provide the exceptional visibility and usability needed for all applications.
Beyond that, the BeneView offers extraordinary value, and features such as extensive data storage, independent display support and data management software.

     Choose from BeneView T5 or T8 with a 12.1" or 17" touchscreen respectively, to provide superior flexibility for different clinical applications
Optional touchscreen interface provides a fast and convenient way of performing all monitoring functions.
     Plug-and-play modular design enables sharing modules between monitors. Multi-Parameter Module integrates a collection of the most consistently required parameters in a single unit, which saves valuable space.
     Parameters include 5/3/12-lead ECG, ST and arrhythmia analysis, respiration, NIBP, Mindray, Masimo, and Nellcor. SpO2, temperature, IBP, CO2 and multi-gas are configurable as required to suit all patient acuity levels and all care units.
     Select from either Sidestream, Microstream, or Mainstream EtCO2 technology to obtain fast, simple, and accurate CO2 results for intubated or non-intubated patients.
     Miniature multi-gas module measures 5 anesthetic agents, EtCO2, N2O and O2. It also provides automatic agent identification, plus MAC calculation
BIS (Bispectral Index), ICG (Impedance Cardiography) and RM (Respiratory Mechanics) are also provided for advanced monitoring, which reduces clinical complications and improves patient care.
     Independent display and remote display capabilities allow separate views depending on the patient data of primary interest. Ideal for use by anesthesiologists, surgeons or perfusionists.
     Easy transport through MPM module and continuous central monitoring during transport through a wireless network.
     Built-in, 3-trace recorder offers convenient documentation. Optional interface to a network laser printer is also available