PM-8000 Express is a portable patient monitor. Its compact size and simple design make it ideal for use in a variety of clinical settings. Intended to meet basic continuous monitoring needs, it focuses on providing core capability in an uncomplicated manner. Its high resolution color display offers a surprisingly clear view of a patient's physiological data, making it practical for use at the bedside or during transport. Available with or without invasive blood pressure measurement, PM-8000 Express delivers the flexibility you need in order to respond to a pateint's changing needs. Pre- and post-operative areas, medical and surgical departments, general floors and many others will want to consider this very effective, yet surprisingly affordable monitoring solution. 8.4" TFT display, configurable up to 8 waveforms, enables maximum data analysis of the most critical parameters

Standard features include

  • 3/5-lead ECG
  • non-invasive blood pressure
  • Mindray SpO2, pulse rate, respiration
  • dual-channel temperature.

Optional features include

  • Masimo and Nellcor SpO2
  • dual-channel invasive blood pressure
  • Sidestream or Microstream EtCO2
  • lithium ion battery
  • integrated recorder.

     Selectable display modes allow you to adjust data layouts based on particular patient circumstances. 96-hours of graphic and list trends, NIBP list including 800 measurements and alarm event recall for 70 alarm episodes provides for comprehensive historical review of all parameters. 40-seconds of full disclosure waveform recall for detailed review of physiological events. 3-trace recorder for printing real-time and historical data is included as standard Compact flash back-up included on every device protects your patients' data in case of a sudden power outage. Nurse call interface allows connection to most hospital call systems