HyBase 3000 Electro-Hydraulic Operating Table


Engineered for increasingly complex surgical cases, HyBase requires minimal effort and time to position a patient in a safe, comfortable and efficient way. Designed with the needs of surgeons and nurses in mind, Mindray has answered demands for a complete operating table solution. The cost-effective HyBase 3000 meets different surgeon’s requirements.

  •  Decompression mattress with antistatic, waterproof and seamless design
  • Electric longitudinal shift towards head side with 200mm.
  • Electric longitudinal shift towards foot side with 100mm.
  • Weight capacity of 185 Kg in normal position.
  • Battery power for 50-80 operations
  • Return to original position with one button
  • Flex & Reflex position with one button .
  • Radiolucent table plate for free C-arm access.
  • Three control panels including remote panel, backup control & foot switch