Shadow-free light guaranteed. Unlike traditional multi-bulb surgical lights, HyLite 6 series produces light with perfect shadow reduction. It achieves this using only one bulb attached to a parabolic reflector composed of thousands of facets which function like miniature mirrors. Every facet receives light and projects it onto the operating field. Light rays projected from every facet make up a light column that is uniformly projected on every corner of the operating field, thus ensuring a shadowless field, even if a surgeon is standing directly under the light.

  • HyLite generates minimized disturbance in two ways: firstly, it features a smooth outline that hides the encircling grips; secondly, it consumes so little power that the warming effect on the outer surface is extremely low
  • HyLite employs a state-of-the-art reflector to produce a perfect light column that presents a depth of illumination up to 1,200mm (L1+L2, as defined by IEC 60601-2-41)
  • HyLite has two identical bulbs, one in operation and the other standing by. If the bulb in use fails, HyLite will switch to the backup bulb in 0.2 seconds and and move it into the working position. A surgeon will not perceive any difference in either illumination or light field center