Advanced capabilities in a mobile package

     The DC-T6 system offers a suite of clinical useful technologies to improve your diagnostic confidence at every patient scanned. 3T Transducer Technology Octal Beam Formation Phase shift THI iClear ™: Speckle suppression imaging iBeam ™: Spatial compounding imaging iScape™ View: Real-time panoramic imaging Auto IMT iNeedle™: Needle Visualization Enhancement 4D imaging iPage: Multi-slice imaging display Stress echo TDI with quantitative analysis Free Xros™ M Mode: Anatomic M mode Free Xros CM™ : Curved anatomic M mode Agile assistant at your fingertips. The DC-T6 system is at your service whenever you need it. During bed site scan or mobile use it will support you uninterrupted scanning in battery mode. With compact size and light weight, DC-T6 moves with ease, saving room space and providing crystal images from one patient to another. The operation panel is designed with your comfort in mind, offering easy workflow and excellent tactical response iPower™:intelligent power solution provides, stable power supply and up to nearly 2 hours of uninterruptible scanning on battery Adaptive high-quality transducers Our wide range of broad band, high density transducers adapt to different patient conditions and offer you the flexibility to cover the applications you look for, now and tomorrow. Seamless data transfer solution Plug and play. Offers you wireless LAN option to connect to your local network wherever you are. Transfer images or patient data, with ease and convenience. 320G hard disk USB ports Complete DICOM 3.0 solution iRoam™:802.11b/g wireless data transfer solution Direct Network storage: budget friendly network method between DC-T6 and PC